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Death, Devil and Censorship | March 6, 2019

This social, recreational and cultural initiative aims to restore the tradition of Death, the Devil and Censorship in the historic areas of Bragança. There are historical references dated 1870 in which, on Ash Wednesday, men disguised as death, devil and censure chased and punished the maiden girls with belts. They, in turn, pricked the masked men and hid in the houses to prevent punishment.

We will support this initiative and recreate this tradition already forgotten by many. The recreation takes place in the historic areas of Bragança on the 6th of March this year, the event starts at 14:00 and runs until 18:00.

Source: União de Freguesias Sé, Santa Maria e Meixedo

feira fumeiro 2019

Minister of Agriculture at the opening of the Feira do Fumeiro

Everything is ready in Vinhais for the opening ceremony of the 39th edition of the Feira do Fumeiro, which will take place tomorrow at 6 pm, and where the Minister of Agriculture, Luís Capoulas Santos, will be present.

It is already this Thursday, February 7, which opens another edition of what is the biggest gastronomic event in the municipality of Viña and one of the great ones in the Northeast of Transmontano, the Feira do Fumeiro. The official opening ceremony is scheduled for 6 pm, in the Pavilhão do Fumeiro, and will be chaired by the Minister of Agriculture, Luís Capoulas Santos.

Feira Fumeiro Vinhais 2019


The Fumeiro de Vinhais Fair has been held annually, in February, since 1981. It stands out from the others for its excellent smokehouse that earned it the title of “Capital do Fumeiro”. In the four days of the fair, in addition to the Bísara smokehouse, natural products from the region, handicrafts, gourmet products, musical shows, fighting bulls, taverns and restaurants are prepared to receive thousands of visitors every year.

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casa do touro

What to see in Rio de Onor

Casa do Touro presents technology that allows you to peer through

Rio de Onor has one more point of tourist visitation, the House of the Bull, a space of Memory, in the village of the county of Bragança.

natal em braganca

Christmas in Bragança

Bragança once again welcomed the initiative Christmas and Dreams

The animation will be mainly concentrated in Camões Square, during the month of December, where Santa Claus will settle camp after his usual arrival at Praça Cavaleiro de Ferreira and parade to the historic center of brigantino.
It is already tomorrow that the district capital is turned into “Bragança-Natal and Dream Land”.

Where to stay in Bragança?

The A. Montesinho group, located in the village of Gimonde, is a great option if you are looking for a place to sleep in Bragança.

6 Houses, with different characteristics, but with a unique purpose: to give you moments of rest in contact with the beautiful nature of the Natural Park of Montesinho.

House of Mestra: This graceful rustic house was once the home of the teachers who were seconded to the region. Currently the house has been restored and the old masters no longer live here.

castelo braganca

What to know when visiting Bragança Castle

The Castle of Bragança is located in the parish of Santa Maria, in the historical center of the city, county and district of Bragança, Portugal.

It is there, in Trás-os-Montes, in the extreme northeast of Portugal and on the banks of the Fervença River, that this is one of the most important and well preserved Portuguese castles.

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