Visit the Butelo and Casulas Festival and the Caretos Carnival!

Visit the Feira do Fumeiro – 2024

The Vinhais Smokehouse Fair is held every year in February.

It stands out for its excellent smoked meats, which have earned it the title of Smoked Meat Capital.

Between the 8th and 11th of February, in addition to the Bísara smoked meats, there are also various natural products from the region, handicrafts, gourmet products, musical shows, taverns and restaurants ready to welcome you.

We’re counting on your presence!

45 years of A. Montesinho

Today we are congratulating ourselves. We begin the year celebrating 45 years since A. Montesinho was founded. Montesinho.

It is with great pride that we have reached this milestone. Nothing would be possible without you. Thank you for more than four decades of stories together.

Wine tourism at Quinta das Covas

Oenotourism has established itself as an enriching experience for wine lovers and enthusiasts of local culture. In the region of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Quinta das Covas, belonging to the A. Montesinho Group, stands out as an unmissable destination for those who appreciate the union of history, wine, and nature.

Situated in the heart of Trás-os-Montes, Quinta das Covas is a refuge of natural beauty and winemaking tradition. Its vineyards spread across hills that seem to caress the horizon, while its architecture preserves the charm of the region’s cultural roots.

When visiting Quinta das Covas, guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a universe of aromas and flavors. Guided tastings allow exploration of the diversity of produced wines, from robust reds to elegant whites, each carrying the essence of the region’s unique terroir.

Strolls through the vineyards provide an immersion into the grape cultivation process, enabling visitors to understand the intricate relationship between soil, climate, and wine quality. Specialized guides share knowledge about sustainable practices adopted at the Quinta, emphasizing the commitment to environmental preservation.

In addition to tastings and tours, Quinta das Covas offers a variety of special events, such as seasonal festivals, themed dinners, and local cultural presentations. These experiences provide cultural enrichment that complements the appreciation of wines.

Quinta das Covas, part of the rich winemaking tradition of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, is a testament to the passion and dedication to wine and local culture. By choosing to explore this hidden treasure, visitors are rewarded with a unique experience that combines history, flavours, and unforgettable moments.

It promises an enriching and authentic journey into the world of oenotourism.

Come and immerse yourself in the magic that permeates each hectare of these vineyards and discover for yourself what makes this place a true treasure of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.

Eco-Resort Camping Philosophy and Concept

The Eco-Resort Camping of A. Montesinho is a remarkable example of how harmony between humans and nature can be practically and inspiringly achieved. Located in the beautiful landscapes of Montesinho, Portugal, this venture stands out for its innovative and dedicated approach to sustainability.

At the core of this Eco-Resort concept lies the profound belief that nature is a precious resource to be cherished and preserved. Every aspect of the venture has been meticulously planned to minimize environmental impact, from the choice of construction materials to the management of natural resources.

Unlike many conventional resorts, the Eco-Resort Camping of A. Montesinho seeks to integrate itself into the surrounding natural environment. The facilities are carefully designed to blend harmoniously with the landscape, providing an authentic camping experience that respects and values the area’s natural beauty.

Apart from offering a tranquil retreat for nature enthusiasts, it also serves as a learning centre. Workshops, lectures, and interactive activities are offered to guests, teaching about environmental conservation and sustainable practices that can be applied in their daily lives.

Guests are encouraged to be part of this sustainability commitment. Recycling programs and waste management are implemented, and guests are encouraged to actively participate. This collective approach to environmental preservation creates a sense of community and shared responsibility.

The Eco-Resort Camping of A. Montesinho represents an inspiring model for the future of sustainable tourism. Its philosophy and concept not only offer an enriching experience for guests but also demonstrate that it’s possible to balance comfort and leisure with environmental preservation. By visiting this Eco-Resort, guests not only enjoy a memorable stay but also contribute to a more sustainable future for everyone.

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