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Getting to know Rio de Onor

Have you already planned your summer itineraries? We invite you to get to know the Nordeste Transmontano, with a whole wealth of flavours and knowledge waiting for you, in the most beautiful Brigantine villages.

Know Azibo’s Lagoon

The Albufeira do Azibo, which won the status of Protected Landscape, is one of the most visited places in all of Northeast Transmontano.

Nesta estação, o sol ilumina Bragança

This season, the sun lights up Bragança

Besides all the existing reasons to visit the city of Bragança and the beauty of Gimonde, A. Montesinho offers you the fantastic opportunity, this summer, to rest in a more sustainable and fully equipped space with jacuzzi and self-catering facilities. If you have not yet booked your holidays, put us at the top of your list!

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