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gastronomia transmontana

The Transmontana Gastronomy

Gimonde is the birthplace of A. Montesinho and is located in Trás-os-Montes, a region in the northeast of Portugal with a welcoming people and where you can experience a scenario full of mountains, natural parks, historic villages and a unique gastronomic wealth.

As this is the land of flavour, the transmontana gastronomy is characterised by the most varied delicacies, which make its dishes a temptation for those who visit this cold land. There are several products that allow you to prepare a cozy meal, from the alheira (pork sausage), smoked ham, kid, veal, mirandesa steak, river fish, sprouts, beans, mushrooms, chestnuts, puff pastry, cheese and honey cakes.

You can experience first-hand the exceptional combination of these regional ingredients at Restaurante Típico D. Roberto. There is a full menu at your disposal, such as veal chop and ribs, veal steak with Bisaro ham, Bragançano lamb, secretos, ribs and Bisaro pork loin, all accompanied with the traditional Gimonde bread.

The month of February becomes ideal to venture into our specialty, Butelo with Casulas, a typical dish of the region!

In our game menu the main stars are the wild boar and the partridge. We have as options the wild boar stewed with chestnuts or roasted and the partridge stewed. In both we serve a characteristic rice.
Visit us and enjoy!

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entrudo chocalheiro

‘Entrudo Chocalheiro 2022’

entrudo chocalheiro

To end the month of February in a traditional and differentiated way, we propose a visit to ‘Entrudo Chocalheiro’, an event recognised by UNESCO and whose main figures are the Caretos. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the municipality of Macedo and take the opportunity to taste some typical dishes of the region, at the same time as the winter festivities.

From Saturday to Tuesday, let yourself be involved with a set of dynamic activities especially designed for the event.

See the programme on the website of the Town Hall of Macedo de Cavaleiros.

Contacts: | (+351) 273 302 510

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Motivos para se apaixonar em A.Montesinhojpg

Reasons to fall in love in A.Montesinho

The region’s natural timelessness takes us back to unique experiences. The month of February brings with it the feeling of romance, vivacity and well-wishers. Every day we have the opportunity to show affection to those we love the most, to care for them and surprise them.

Why should you visit A. Montesinho in low season?

The exciting journey in the region of Montesinho is even more special at a time when everything is so calm, so yours.

Have you ever imagined yourself escaping from routine, exploring the secrets that at this time decide to reveal themselves more naturally and get to know all the richness of the fauna and flora of the Natural Park of Montesinho?

The opportunities for trails are vast and surprising. Here, you will find waterfalls and paradisiacal scenarios, where the natural sounds lull you into a relaxing journey and connectivity with our essence.

In addition, the white of the snow leaves you in another dimension, with moments to record and remember later!
To top it off in beauty, our rooms are equipped with heating systems that make you comfortable and where you can contemplate nature naked in a warm and cozy space. All this, at affordable and inviting prices.
Escape from routine is to be happy, even in low season, in the region of tranquility and in the hotel resort that so desires.

Come visit A.Montesinho. We look forward to welcoming you!

crescimento turismo rural

The growth of rural tourism

New habits of consumption and experiences are leading more and more people to opt for rurality and contact with nature, rather than urban travel.

The traditional Festa dos Rapazes (or Mocidade, as it is called in Gimonde) is back!

A new year begins in the region of Terra Fria and the A. Montesinho recovers with it one of the most famous traditions of brigantine, where single boys, through rounds and loas (with an especially nocturnal character) go out into the streets masked and/or dressed as caretos, accompanied by musicians and butlers!

In terms of calendar, the Boys’ Festival usually begins in the cycle of the Winter Solstice, and is set from December 24th to January 6th.

The main objective? To wish ‘Happy Holidays’ and prosperity, going around the villages and doing the usual begging. A number of activities are integrated into these celebrations, such as the famous Midnight Mass, where the boys are the protagonists and the first to do the devotion to the Baby Jesus. Afterwards, they return to their ceremonies. Regarding the loas, these are usually narrative moments where events of the past year in the village are recounted, including caricatured episodes.

The festivities end with physical tests that have as their main objective to elect the butlers for the following year.

Between villages, the tradition undergoes some changes depending on customs and habits, but the essence and genesis of the party remains.

From the tradition itself, the ritual is considered to have the purpose of making the transition to adulthood, where, although the boys are the protagonists, the whole community is invited to participate.

Did you already know this tradition?
Live an experience with tradition!


New Covid measures applied to tourist accommodation

In view of the growth of the pandemic in Portugal, the Council of Ministers proceeded to the weekly reassessment of the incidence rate countywide.

From today, the tourist accommodation units have to require digital certificate of vaccination or negative COVID test, in the admission of customers. This measure applies to the entire national territory.

Thus, are admitted 4 types of tests to enjoy your holiday in A.Montesinho:

-PCR test, performed within the 72 hours prior to its presentation;
-Antigen test with laboratory report, performed within 48 hours prior to submission;
-Rapid antigen test in the modality of self-test, performed within the 24 hours prior to its presentation in the presence of a health or pharmaceutical professional who certifies its realization and its result. This option is subsidized by the State at 100% up to four tests per month/person. Check in your area of residence, the pharmacies available or schedule your test in one of the pharmacies in Bragança:
Farmácia Bem Saúde – Contact tlf: 273329341
Farmácia Vale D’Álvaro – Contact tlf: 273329720
-Rapid antigen test in the self-test modality, carried out on the spot, at the door of our establishment, under the verification of the persons in charge (we offer tests at a cost of 8 euros).

Children under 12 years of age are exempt from this process.

These are, for now, the only measures applied to the accommodation for the district of Bragança.
Visit Montesinho, safely. We are waiting for you!

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