Grand Rout of the Mills

Inaugurated on November 12th 2022, the Grand Rout of the Mills, implemented and approved by the Parish Union of Aveleda and Rio de Onor, uses as its theme the mountain mills and old mills along the banks of the Baçal stream and the Onor River, identity elements of the landscape and production practices of these localities.

Integrated in the Natural Park of Montesinho, it has a strong component of valorization of biodiversity and local landscape, but intends, equally, to value the communities, involving the villages of Aveleda, Varge, Guadramil and Rio de Onor, villages with strong characteristics of community practices and, equally strong in culture and tradition.

The Pedestrian Route has an extension of more than 30 km, so it is assumed as a Grand Route, and is being designed in articulation with the route of the Great Route to be implemented in the municipality of Pedralba de la Pradería, a municipality in the Leonese border of the province of Zamora, in Spain, which is in the planning stage. This action, focused on the joint enhancement of heritage and the exploitation of the regional tourism potential is an added value in obtaining a final product with better quality and diversity of tourist offers.

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