Where to stay in Bragança?

The A. Montesinho group, located in the village of Gimonde, is a great option if you are looking for a place to sleep in Bragança.

6 Houses, with different characteristics, but with a unique purpose: to give you moments of rest in contact with the beautiful nature of the Natural Park of Montesinho.

House of Mestra: This graceful rustic house was once the home of the teachers who were seconded to the region. Currently the house has been restored and the old masters no longer live here.

House of Escola: The School House was a detached house located in front of the primary school of the village of Gimonde. Its former owners were dedicated to agriculture and at this time the house was quite humble.

House of Forno: Its name is due to the existence of an oven where traditionally the bread is baked, where the good lamb Bragançano PDO as well as other traditional delicacies of the region are baked.

House of Guieiro: The Guieiro is the hill overlooking Quinta das Covas, where twinned with Casa do Forno, is Casa do Guieiro. In the past, every work developed in agriculture was accompanied by festive moments during or after agricultural tasks.

House of Lúpulo: Implemented in an old hops farm, this house dedicates its roots to it. A hop is a European liana traditionally used together with malt, barley and yeast in brewing.

House of Bísaro: In honor of the pig Bísaro, an autochthonous breed of the region, recently recovered, due to its near extinction, Casa do Bísaro, allows you to combine rest in an environment of quality and comfort to the rich gastronomy of the region.


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