rota da terra fria transmontana

Application of the Rota da Terra Fria Transmontana

BTL 2018, the IOS version of the APP of the Rota da Terra Fria was launched.

The APP allows you to prepare and plan the visit and have the necessary support when you are in the territory. This tool was designed to offer the user the most useful information when traveling the Route, from the events that are taking place, the heritage, viewpoints, sections of the route, where to sleep, where to eat, in short, this application will be an essential help for whoever wants to make the most of the region.

With the application you will be able to do pedestrian and mountain biking always “accompanied” and without getting lost, being able to always activate the “Near me” that will show you what is around you.

Better than describing this application is to use it to understand how it works and the help it can effectively give on the ground.

To install is very simple, just go to the Apple APP Store and search for Rota da Terra Fria Transmontana and install to start this Journey to Nature!

Find out more about  Rota aqui.

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