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What to see in Rio de Onor

Casa do Touro presents technology that allows you to peer through

Rio de Onor has one more point of tourist visitation, the House of the Bull, a space of Memory, in the village of the county of Bragança.

Here the tourist has the possibility of putting on glasses, being able to see how the corral was with the community bull and experiencing experiences of old, using new technologies through augmented reality, explains Hernâni Dias, president of the municipality of Bragança.

“In the house of the Taurus new technologies were introduced, making the people who go there have a more correct perception of what was the very experience of the community at the time,” explained Hernâni Dias.

Since Rio de Onor was considered one of the 7 wonders of Portugal in the category of protected area villages, the number of visitors has increased, said Mário Gomes, president of the parish union of Aveleda and Rio de Onor: “tourism growth has been exponential. Each extended weekend, the number of people visiting the village increases and come to see organized tours of Lisbon and Porto. ”

However, the municipality has other projects for the village, as the president of the municipality of Bragança, Hernâni Dias, announced: “the process will widen, although it depends very much on what it is the capacity to allocate financial resources to the process. But the projects go through the rehabilitation of the school to a museum space, create a reception space for tourists, at the beginning of the village, next to the campsite, and the requalification in the community center of the village.

The investment in Casa do Touro, in Rio de Onor, was 100 thousand euros.

Written by Brigantia

Maria João Canadas

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