Tourism in the Northeast Transmontano, in low season

The rural tourism houses of A.Montesinho, in Gimonde, Bragança, yesterday in the SIC’s Jornal, and today in the newspaper. Some reasons to visit the northeast of the Transmontano, also in winter. Publication of A.Montesinho Turismo.



We often forget this region of Portugal. It is in the far north of the country, in the insulated and remote interior. However, there is much to discover by Trás-os-Montes. I was there for a few days and discovered several things about the area. Today I bring you 10 curiosities about Trás-os-Montes.

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Rural tourism in Bragança with pool?

Looking for a place for moments to two, with family or friends in the region of Bragança, which has a swimming pool?

At A. Montesinho you will find this ideal place.
With 6 rural tourism houses, located in the village of Gimonde, only 5 km from Bragança, in the Natural Park of Montesinho.

House of Forno is an agro-tourism unit with high standards of comfort and convenience. Its name is due to the existence of an oven where traditionally the bread is baked, where the good lamb Bragançano PDO as well as other traditional delicacies of the region are roasted. With swimming pool, playground and playground is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of the countryside and nature.

The Guieiro is the hill overlooking Quinta das Covas, where twinned with the Casa do Forno, is Casa do Guieiro. In the past, every work developed in agriculture was accompanied by festive moments during or after agricultural tasks. As Belarmino Afonso writes, “dances were performed everywhere, especially at night, and with new people. The mowing, the blind, the magusto, the boys’ party, the Carnival are some examples. Relieve stress, breathe the fresh mountain air and enjoy local gastronomy.

Make your reservation now through the following link, and enjoy unique moments.

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What to see in Bragança?

Bragança is the capital of the region of Trás-os-Montes, in the northeast of Portugal. This remote and mountainous region offers unique scenery, historic villages, natural landscapes and a rich gastronomy. Bragança is situated at the end of the Natural Park of Montesinho – one of the wildest forest areas in Europe, with a huge diversity of fauna and flora.

The inhabitants have a traditional way of life, especially in smaller cities and towns, such as Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro, Torre de Moncorvo and Freixo de Espada à Cinta. The daily life has not undergone many changes for centuries and these isolated villages have a very own rustic beauty. The region is especially beautiful in the spring when a white blanket of almond blossoms covers the valleys. The nearby Mirandela is known for its meats and alheiras, but you can find local specialties a bit throughout the region.

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Find us everywhere

Nowadays, it is increasingly important for companies to be present on the Internet, not only with a page or a website, but also with social networks.

Social networks allow us to be closer to our clients, and more often to disclose who we are and what we do.

A.Montesinho Turismo, early bet on the online presence. The first site, was launched on January 7, 1998, and was successively updated.

The reality is that today, A.Montesinho, besides the site, is present in more than 10 social networks:

Google +:
Tumblr: Blog:

Thank you very much to all those who accompany us on different social networks, and we hope to continue to deserve your confidence.

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Day of the Natural Park of Montesinho / 30August

“The natural and landscape richness of the mountainous mountain range Montesinho – Coroa and the valuable cultural elements of the human communities that have settled there justify that actions are urgently initiated in order to safeguard the patrimony and the socio – cultural animation of the populations.

This paragraph is the beginning of the preamble to Decree-Law no. 355/79, of August 30, which classified the northern part of the counties of Bragança and Vinhais as a Natural Park. This status was justified by the natural, landscape and human values ​​of the region, the receptiveness of local authorities to safeguard the heritage of their municipalities and parishes and the potential of outdoor recreation and sport that the region possesses.


Tourist Destination of Northern Portugal

Yesterday was launched the new tourist destination brand of northern Portugal.

A Corane project, implemented by the company Key Content.

Montesinho, Quinta das Covas and Bísaro Salsicharia Tradicional, have joined this new brand, which will certainly contribute to the development of the transmontana cold earth.

The objective of this project is that the nature, cultural and religious heritage, gastronomy, tour operators, hotels, animation or points of sale of products, from the north-east of Portugal, will be “sold” together, under a common brand.

The site can be viewed at: NorDestin

Recall some of the Transmontanan Expressions, words and relics

Carólo de…: a piece of bread.
Escaxei-me a rir: laughing with intensity.
Borracheira: Drunk.
Cibo – bit of something ex. “um cibo de folar”.
Encher o odre -eat a lot.
Bota ca! Ask for something ex. “bota cá um copo de binho!”
Andar na rinchadeira: -Walking on the street late in the game.
Correr o cão -go for a walk.
Arrebanhar: – Scrape the rest of something
Ser guicha/o: – Be Smart
Baldão: – lazy and sloppy person
Canhão aério: sloppy person, who lacks a little for hygiene.
Refustedo: confusion “here goes a refustedo…
Recachiço:- stinking, stinking smell even ex.: “aquela manda ca um recachiço credo!”
Recoque: – has the same meaning as retachiço, is just another word to say that someone stinks like a ferret!
Ronco – here means giving a lecture, a sermon.
Carranhas: the nose monkeys
Larpar: Eat. Ex. Vou larpar uma pratada de alheira e grelos
Escambalhar: spoil, break something.

Source: Ser Transmontano


A.Montesinho, Tourism Leader

Montesinho was distinguished, for the second consecutive year, with the status of SME Tourism Leader.
In the letter received today from Turismo de Portugal, IP, read:

“It is with great pleasure that we congratulate your Company for the renewal in 2013 of the SME Leader Statute, awarded under the FINCRESCE Program, which distinguishes national companies with superior performance profiles.

In a partnership with IAPMEI and Banca, the PME Líder Statutes aims to reinforce the visibility of mid-sized companies that are part of the most competitive segment of the national economy, acting as a seal of reputation and encouragement in the pursuit of business dynamics that contribute in a sustainable way for the creation of wealth and social welfare.

Turismo de Portugal, I.P. will make the best efforts to ensure that the PME Líder Statute brings significant advantages to the Company in relation to the market, namely through special conditions in access to services provided by FINCRESCE’s network of partnerships. ”

This prize is for us, a stimulus to continue working for the development of Tourism in Portugal, particularly in the region of Trás-os-Montes.



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