De volta aos anos 80 - Semana Gastronómica do Bacalhau!

Codfish Gastronomic Week

Back to the 80’s, the Codfish Gastronomic Week is coming!

Promoted by the ACISB (Commercial, Industrial and Services Association of Bragança), the festivity “Bacalhau à Bragança” is scheduled for the week of April 9 to 17, and consists in emphasizing the dishes where codfish reigns, in the various participating restaurants, such as D. Roberto.

Historically, the relationship of the codfish with Trás-Os-Montes is solid, because it is a product that used to be relatively cheap, with an enormous capacity to be conserved, for its nutritional value and the immense culinary options that come from it.

This time, the ACISB challenged the Typical Restaurant D. Roberto, in Gimonde, to recreate a local recipe from the 80’s, written by Maria Odete Cortes Valente. The dish includes olive oil, potatoes, garlic, onion, bay leaf, eggs, red pepper and “colorau”, in an influence from the Spanish neighbours. At D. Roberto’s you will have the opportunity to taste this recipe, prepared in a peculiar and very meticulous way, with a rich and nutritious flavour. This is a special week, also because it is Holy Week, giving importance to not eating meat and highlighting the history of Transmontano people, who have been deprived of access to the sea and the culture of fish consumption.


Dare to try this recipe and we challenge you to tell us what you thought!


We are counting on you!

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