As tradições da Queima das Fitas em Bragança

“Queima das Fitas” traditions in Bragança

April represents, for the final-year academic students of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and all over the country, the culmination of three or more years of university adventures and experiences. Queima das Fitas appears as the celebration that closes the cycle, and is marked by farewells and new beginnings. This year, the dates set by the Academic Association of IPB were 20 to 26 April, where the weather is expected to be pleasant for its special event.


In Bragança, the high point of the festivity takes place at the Cathedral Church, for a ceremony presided by the Bishop of the Bragança-Miranda Diocese and usually attended by the Mayor.


Besides the usual party, in the Pavilion of NERBA, with lots of music and entertainment throughout the Academic Week, this is also the moment when the famous Burning Procession takes place, where the finalists invade the main streets of the city, with the colours of their course that they proudly honour in these final moments.


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