Table of Bragança, in the 7 Wonders to the Table

Bragança is, among many qualities, synonymous with a well-preserved built heritage and a gastronomy that knows how to combine the elegance of modern cuisine with its own handmade forms, which perpetuate its authenticity and genuineness with rich and strong flavors.

We start by going towards the largest symbol of the city, the beautiful castle wall and next to the Domus Municipalis, the only example of the genus in the Iberian Peninsula, where we wait for a table with well cooked pasta, stuffed with certified meat from the region or a panoply of wild mushrooms, collected cautiously among pine and giestas, followed by one of our characteristic dishes, which can not be missed on the table of any Bragançano – a fine example of Butelo, which the cold frost of winter helped temper, accompanied by the Casulas cooked in iron pot, where the virgin olive oil velvety and softens the palate.

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