gastronomia transmontana

The Transmontana Gastronomy

Gimonde is the birthplace of A. Montesinho and is located in Trás-os-Montes, a region in the northeast of Portugal with a welcoming people and where you can experience a scenario full of mountains, natural parks, historic villages and a unique gastronomic wealth.

As this is the land of flavour, the transmontana gastronomy is characterised by the most varied delicacies, which make its dishes a temptation for those who visit this cold land. There are several products that allow you to prepare a cozy meal, from the alheira (pork sausage), smoked ham, kid, veal, mirandesa steak, river fish, sprouts, beans, mushrooms, chestnuts, puff pastry, cheese and honey cakes.

You can experience first-hand the exceptional combination of these regional ingredients at Restaurante Típico D. Roberto. There is a full menu at your disposal, such as veal chop and ribs, veal steak with Bisaro ham, Bragançano lamb, secretos, ribs and Bisaro pork loin, all accompanied with the traditional Gimonde bread.

The month of February becomes ideal to venture into our specialty, Butelo with Casulas, a typical dish of the region!

In our game menu the main stars are the wild boar and the partridge. We have as options the wild boar stewed with chestnuts or roasted and the partridge stewed. In both we serve a characteristic rice.
Visit us and enjoy!

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