crescimento turismo rural

The growth of rural tourism

New habits of consumption and experiences are leading more and more people to opt for rurality and contact with nature, rather than urban travel.

This happens, not only because of growing environmental concerns, but also because rural tourism is increasingly presenting itself as an extremely valuable solution from an economic and social point of view, at a time when the pandemic still hovers over the decisions of those who want to travel.

The fact of staying in a place like A.Montesinho allows a greater comfort when it comes to less contact with people and breathes a bit of tranquility as the incredible aromas of nature.

The offer of rural tourism in Portugal has nothing to do with what happened a few years ago, where it is now possible to have a premium experience, in modern infrastructures and idealized to the detail. In our case, we’re talking about the Eco-Resort, a unique and special space, with a jacuzzi, spacious rooms and a kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances.

“Tourism in rural and residential areas was the segment that last year best resisted the pandemic (O Público newspaper)” and the trend is to become an increasingly frequent habitué in the consumer’s decision.

Make your stay in A.Montesinho and see for yourself!

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