Come and discover the main attractions in Bragança!

The corners of Bragança are full of legends and past stories, which have been preserved over time, becoming an integral part of the culture and identity of the Transmontano people.

Discovering the historic area of this city in north-eastern Trás-os-Montes is the start of a journey which is special, unique and indescribable. And the best of all is that you can, in only 8 kilometres, get to know all this and stay in A. Montesinho.

So that you are even more tempted to visit these places, we leave you little indications of each one of them:


The Citadel

Iconic for its heart shape, and practically millenarian, the citadel holds one of the best preserved castles in the country, as well as the emblematic dungeon tower and the typical houses/restaurants of the area.


Domus Municipalis

Unique representative of the Romanesque architecture, it is in pentagon style and the year 1910 was marked by its classification as a monument and national heritage.

“Its worn stones are witnesses of a troubled History, dating back to the Bronze Age, counting with the presence of Romans, Suevi and Visigoths, carrying on combats that helped to establish the border lines and the strategic importance of the burgh.” – In, CM Bragança.


Military Museum of Bragança

Promoter of an enhancement, enrichment and exhibition of the historical-military heritage of the country and the city, the Military Museum transports you to a universe of artefacts, memories and historical curiosities.


Bragança Castle

A dazzling two-storey tower, with circular turrets at the apexes, with possible English influence and which marks the identity of the region, being a visible and attractive point for those visiting the citadel. Perfect for contemplation!

If you want a closer option, we also have our flats in Bragança, with an enviable location to the citadel and where you can enjoy even more of the historical area, without long journeys.

Your comfort and satisfaction are in first place in A. Montesinho, waiting warmly for your visit to Bragança.

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