Getting to know Rio de Onor

Have you already planned your summer itineraries? We invite you to get to know the Nordeste Transmontano, with a whole wealth of flavours and knowledge waiting for you, in the most beautiful Brigantine villages.

In 2017, Rio de Onor was the winner of the 7 Wonders of Portugal in the category of Villages in Protected Areas.

In this typically Transmontana locality, the houses are made of darkened schist, have wooden balconies and two floors. It is a rural paradise that satisfies the eye of any traveller.

Rio de Onor is without a doubt a beautiful community village with an ancient history full of customs and traditions, which covered all the inhabitants.

Taking a walk in this area is like going back to a past, for some already very distant, where there were rivers with crystalline waters. There we can hear the water of the river Onor sliding over the stones and clearly observe the bottom of its bed.

In Rio de Onor you can visit the Parish Church, the Casa do Touro, the Community Mill, the Community Oven, the Roman Bridge, the Transmontana Architecture and Community Tanks.

Another advantage this region has is its geographical proximity to Spain, being 23 minutes by car from the city of Puebla de Sanabria, which has high-speed connections to Madrid and its surroundings.

Take advantage of your visit to talk to the inhabitants of Rio de Onor and learn stories you’ll never find elsewhere.

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