Já visitou o Museu Ibérico da Máscara e Traje?

Have you visited the Iberian Mask and Costume Museum?

Opened in 2007, in the main street of the Cidadela, the Iberian Mask and Costume Museum culturally stimulates the region of Brugantine by highlighting one of the most famous traditional elements, the mask.

This museum exhibits masks, costumes, props and objects used in the “Winter Festivals” (traditional from Trás-Os-Montes) and/or in “Las Mascaradas de Invierno” (traditional from Zamora).

“In addition to the contact with the characters recreated by the 47 caretos on display, the museum allows, to the sound of traditional music, to take the visitor to experience, through photographs and objects on display, the festivities represented in the different localities, during the winter period.” – Visit Portugal

This is a perfect motto to visit Bragança and live a traditional experience rich in history.

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