manifesto viajante responsável

Responsible Traveler’s Manifesto

Do you already know the Responsible Traveler’s Manifesto?

We all know that we must take care of the planet. Today, more than ever, this issue is on the agenda, and efforts must be made to ensure that we all contribute to responsible tourism.

Zasnet has developed a document, with the measures that must be taken for this design to be possible.

This document highlights the values ​​recommended in the letter of commitment to responsible tourism, signed between ITR and ZASNET. Considering that, a Sustainable Tourist Destination as one that adopts an integrated perspective of planning and management of the entire tourism system, which considers the present and future economic, socio-cultural, environmental and institutional needs, thus ensuring that Tourism has an important role in integral human development and that offers its tourists a high degree of satisfaction in terms of their experience, making them more aware of sustainability problems and promoting sustainable tourism practices in tourists.

The Responsible Tourism System is, therefore, an integral work process that requires transversal collaboration, both from the public officials of the Destinations and from the companies, entities and services present in it, through which the tourist promotion of the Certified Destination is promoted. Considering that Tourism Sustainability is an end that must be an objective of any Destination, which begins with the commitment to continuous improvement and with the fulfillment of the clear and quantifiable objectives present in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism. In this sense, the ITR makes this Manifesto available, so that the responsible tourism policy can be perceived by entities, companies in the territory and fundamentally by tourists and visitors of the destination, in relation to the cultural, environmental and social values ​​in force in a Destination Biosphere.

Access the Manifesto.

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