Day trip around Bragança

We made this trip a long time ago, but even so, we still remember it with a certain fondness for what we liked. We refer to our trip visiting the Natural Park of Montesinho and Bragança (Bragança), the capital of the Portuguese region of Tierras de Trás-os-Montes.

Our original trip, together with the companions of Castilla y León Destination did not contemplate passing the border to Portugal, it was a trip to the north of the province of Zamora, and if you also visit the Bierzo, in León, from Puebla de Sanabria. But after a few days of bad weather, we decided to change course on the fly and enter Portugal, visiting the Montesinho Natural Park.

Visit the Montesinho Natural Park

This natural park of northern Portugal, which occupies the northern border of Portugal, adjacent to Zamora, in Castilla y León. The park itself has a size of about 75 thousand hectares, with a very heterogeneous relief, with plateaus, mountainous areas, which, although not very high, form several mountain ranges and valleys embedded between them. In addition, various rivers and streams irrigate the area, as especially “important” Mind River.

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