Piscina Turismo Rural Quinta das Covas

COVID-19 rules – use of swimming pools

Bearing in mind the current pandemic situation COVID-19, we ask our esteemed guests to take into account the following measures when using swimming pools:


  • The use of outdoor swimming pools is subject to general measures to combat the pandemic defined by health authorities, namely physical distance and avoidance of concentration of people, frequent hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette;
  • Chairs, loungers, or other similar equipment for the use of users in the surrounding area, must be ensured to provide them with a distance of three meters, except when occupied by users belonging to the same group;
  • In addition to the ban on equipment for collective use, the use of recreational and / or collective equipment by the customer, such as buoys, mattresses or the like, which may hinder the enjoyment of spaces by other users, should be avoided in the water. in compliance with the rules of physical safety distance;
  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area;
  • In outdoor showers, sanitary facilities and circulation areas of outdoor pools, the use of footwear is mandatory.

            Thank you for your understanding and good holidays / rest.


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