A.Montesinho as an ex-libris of nature in Bragança

Rural Tourism is increasingly serving as a refuge from the stress and bustle of the city, where the tranquility of nature and fresh air are strong factors attracting many tourists to spend their holidays in places where nature prevails.

A.Montesinho is located in the village of Gimonde, in the Terra Fria Transmontana region. It is one of Portugal’s most privileged regions in terms of protected areas, with a primary focus on nature and gastronomy.

The Montesinho Natural Park stands out for its extensive green landscape just outside the city of Bragança. This park is characterized as one of Portugal’s largest protected natural areas. Visitors to this park will undoubtedly encounter wild nature, with opportunities to witness incredible waterfalls and river beaches to relax, create great memories, and capture amazing photographs.

For those seeking to explore and create lasting memories of the Montesinho Natural Park, visiting A.Montesinho park is a must. It offers opportunities to observe local animals, stunning pine forests, streams, and an entire natural landscape waiting to be discovered.

For a well-deserved break, come and enjoy a space surrounded by the Transmontana nature. A.Montesinho offers 6 historic tourism houses and, in the rural area, an Eco Resort comprising a total of 4 houses, where you can enjoy the comfort, tranquility, and characteristic beauty of the Montesinho Natural Park.

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