Trails to follow in A.Montesinho

If this summer you are looking for a more peaceful place for your vacation, we have the ideal option for you.

A. Montesinho is inserted in the region of Terra Fria Transmontana and that is highlighted by the rich nature and gastronomy.

In this sense, and if you are interested in a journey of adventure and discovery, the trails of the Natural Park of Montesinho offer you moments of conviviality with the natural sounds of the existing fauna and flora. We have several proposals to offer you, each with its own nuances and characteristics. Here are three possibilities, highlighted by levels of demand:

PR6 Meiral Trail (5.6km – 2 hours)

Shorter variant of the original route, which goes by the name of Tapada d’Á Ponte, the Meiral Route begins in the village of Fornos and develops around the Ribeira de Ladrões, a tributary of the Tuela River. You can find a predominance of black oak, narrow-leafed ash and alder.

PR3 Porto Furado (7,8km – 3 hours)

Circular in the middle of the Montesinho Mountain, it starts in the village of Montesinho and ends in Porto Furado, in a trail almost 8 kilometers long, with the possibility of seeing green, extensive landscapes, with outcrops and granites that seem to have suffered human action by their natural cutouts.

PR8 Malara (11,6km – 4 hours)

The longest suggested hike starts right in Gimonde, where our lodgings are located. Pack a real suitcase with food, refreshments and practical things for a 4-hour hike, where you can dive into the Onor or Malara river, also enjoying the Mediterranean microclimate of the area. You will be able to experience the Onor polders, a diverse offering of fauna and flora, and several areas to lay your towel and rest to the sound of the water.

Nature not only gives life and color to Montesinho, but also offers unique moments to those who visit us. Enjoy the green of the region and stay at ECO-RESORT, where you can enjoy with friends/family our newest apartments.


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