A.Montesinho – Destino de férias 2022

How to choose the ideal venue for your Event

Do you have a special occasion coming up and still haven’t chosen the ideal place to celebrate it? We know that this can be a complicated decision and carries a lot of responsibility.

For that reason, in today’s article we become the medicine for your headaches. Calm, care and attention are characteristics that you should put into practice whenever the selection of a venue is up to you. Before you reveal your verdict to your guests, bear in mind some aspects that will help you make a right decision.


First of all, identify the type of event and its needs. Next, it is a good option to count the number of guests and associate it with the space’s capacity. Access to the venue is another factor to take into account. If you select a venue with open spaces, checking the weather forecast for that day and confirming the existence of alternatives is essential to control unforeseen events. Finally, the presence of toilets and emergency exits are indispensable conditions for visitors to feel comfortable.


The A.Montesinho did your homework and selected the ideal location for your event: Quinta das Covas. With an area of 27 hectares, this paradise is hidden in the Natural Park of Montesinho. Having a capacity of approximately 1000 people, in this environment can be held the most varied celebrations: Weddings, Baptisms and Communions, Conferences and Congresses and Accommodation. With exquisite spaces and breathtaking landscapes, the good taste and excellence in service will be a guarantee when visiting our place.


As Bragança is our heart and university students are an integral part of this city, we could not fail to suggest our facilities as the sublime location for the long-awaited Queima das Fitas celebration.


The invitation is made!

Visit Quinta das Covas and discover the best we have to offer you.

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