A.Montesinho: a sustainable experience

The A.Montesinho Eco-Resort is designed to provide an experience for its guests where sustainability and tourism work in harmony.

At a time when sustainability is high on the agenda, this project has chosen to embrace the issue, making decisions that guarantee responsible tourism, conserving spaces, and making tourists aware of their habits.

Located in the Natural Park of Montesinho, the resort has a large green and natural area where guests have the opportunity to take part in leisure, sporting, and health-boosting activities. Its aim is to serve as a place of refuge for those who need to escape from routine and recharge their energy, in a natural space with a unique cuisine. This is the ideal place to release tension through different activities, such as soccer, fishing, hiking, or canoeing. The Terra Fria Transmontana region is a place for this idea because it has the privilege of having protected areas, giving us the chance to discover and observe a unique landscape, with pine forests and streams, or even the region’s animals.

The A.Montesinho Eco-Resort has four houses, surrounded by the tranquillity of nature in Trás-os-Montes. Whether alone or with the family, it will positively affect your concentration, breathing, and sleep. The preservation and management of natural resources is the Eco-Resort’s main concern. Therefore, it has worked to contribute to responsible tourism, with the least possible environmental impact. This sustainable tourism adopts practices based on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental needs, with the ambition of contributing to human development and tourist awareness.

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